• I See Me, Inc.

    Literacy is a bridge from misery to hope.

    —Kofi Annan

  • Mission

    The mission of “I See Me, Inc.” is to dismantle the “School-to-Prison Pipeline” by increasing the literacy rates in children of color by engaging them in literature that reflects their culture and mirrors their image.


    Our vision is to have every student of color reading at or beyond their grade level.

  • Plan of Action

    Real Men Read

    Real Men Read brings men from throughout the community into schools to read to male students in a spectacular one-day event. It promotes a positive educational image to students and allows them to engage with successful male role models through books and reading

    Just Us Girls

    Just Us Girls uses literature to stimulate and engage important conversations among young women of color. The literature and activities are connected in a way that allow these young women to view themselves as empowered, confident and valued.

    I See Me Book Drive

    The I See Me Book Drive promotes the vital connection between the proverbial “village” and its students through the donation of books featuring characters reflecting the culture of students of color. Knowing how to read makes people safer, healthier and more self-sufficient. This investment in our children will surely reap a return for the entire community.

    1st Library

    1st Library ensures every child in need has books in their home by helping them create their first home library. Using books donated to the “I See Me Book Drive” and shelves built and donated by a local DIY store, the program builds early readers into lifelong learners—and encourages other family members to read as well.

    Crown Me

    Through partnership with local licensed barbers, “I See Me, Inc.” offer students from local elementary schools a chance to EARN free haircuts by simply reading. “Crown Me”, named after the children’s book “Crown” by Derrick Barnes, is an effort to motivate as well as attach a masculine sense to reading to male students. Each student that is involved will receive a free book at the beginning of each month. Once a month, students will share their reading mastery with the barber in an attempt be “crowned” with a free haircut to celebrate their success.









  • Why We Do It?

    Literacy levels have been shown to have a direct correlation with each person's success or likelihood that they will become involve in the criminal justice system

    1/6 of children not reading on grade level by 3rd grade will not graduate from high school on time.

    2/3 of students who can not read proficiently by the end of 4th grade will end in jail or on welfare.

    Nearly 85% of juveniles who face trial in the juvenile court system are functionally illiterate.









  • Meet The Founder


    Devon Frazier never had a “Plan B”. She wanted to become an educator ever since the first grade. She desired to help children while leaving an impression on their lives. Once becoming a teacher, Devon learned of the connection between literacy and the “school - to -prison pipeline”. So, working primarily with children of color and understanding this vital link, she decided to take action by creating programs that emphasized reading and ensuring children had books to read at home to read. Seventeen years into her career as an educator, Devon elevated her passion and founded “I See Me, Inc.”. Its mission is to ensure that literacy is not a stumbling block for children of color in their quest for success.










  • Board of Directors

    Kamonte Kelly


    Vice President at BancorpSouth​

    Tracie Williams

    Vice Chairman


    Jefferson County Schools

    Benita Gordon



    Bessemer City Schools

    Dr. Ann Dominick


    Professor at UAB

    Greater Birmingham Math Project


    Merideth Lilly

    Attorney/ Campaign Strategist​

    Dr. Quinton Ross

    President of Alabama State University​

    Dr. Autumm Jeter



    Bessemer City Schools

    Jason Eppenger

    President of Citizen Trust Bank

    Anil Mujumdar

    Zarzaur, Mujumdar and Debrosse Law Firm​

  • First Library Application

    Applicants must reside in Montgomery, Mobile or Perry County, Alabama.

  • “We Read Wednesdays”

    read alouds


    Art Franklin reads

    “Lil G faces the Brooklyn Bully”

    by Glen Toby

    Comedian Roy Wood Jr. reads


    by Peter Golenbock

    Dr. Autum Jeter reads

    “The Fresh Princess”

    by Denene Miner

    Chief Nathaniel Rutledge reads

    “Carson Chooses Forgiveness”

    by Tony & Lauren Dungy

    Councilman Clinton Woods reads

    “Duke Ellington:

    The Piano Prince”

    by Andrea Pinkney

    Dillion from 95.7 Jamz reads

    “The Roots of Rap”

    by Carole Boston Weatherford

    Devon Frazier from I See Me, Inc. reads

    “We’re All Wonders”

    by R.J. Palacio

    Roy S. Johnson from al.com reads

    “"Why Do Mosquitoes

    Buzz in People's Ears:

    A West African Folktale"
    by Verna Aardema”

    Mei Mei Sun, activist and student at the

    University of Southern California
    reads Ling-Li and the Phoenix Fairy: A Chinese Folktale adapted by Ellin Greene and illustrated by Zong-Zhou Wang

    Kelli Solomon VP of Operations of

    The Birmingham Urban League

    reads "The Evil Princess and the Brave Knight"

    by Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm

    Eunice Elliott, author and comedian

    reads her book "So Much Love to Give"

  • Media

    Fairfield teacher uses reading to stop school-to-prison pipeline​

    'My village showed out': book lovers across the country donate to Fairfield school​

    Devon Frazier is an Alabama Bright Light using literature to cut ‘school to prison’ pipeline​

    CommUNITY Champion: Devon Frazier, founder of I See Me, Inc.

    The Awesome Foundation Project-February 2019 Winner

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